The Pokemon GO Field Journal

Trying to catch them all!

Week Two: One Team to Rule them All — July 15, 2016

Week Two: One Team to Rule them All

Before I knew it, I was a Lv. 5. In every other game I’ve played getting to this point was barely a recognizable threshold. It meant I was still new and fresh to the unfamiliar digital environment, but for Pokemon Go, it was the transition from boyhood to adulthood. 

Eenie, Meenie, Miney…

The biggest choice (for the foreseeable future) that I had to make was to which team I should devote my loyalty to. This decision was not taken lightly. 
Now, I know what some would think: It’s only a game dude.

I agree. It is. But my allegance would obviously affect certain relationships with those I interacted with, or would interact with down the road. Upon further thought however, I concluded…that it really did not matter. 

So I stuck with what appealed to me aestheticly. 

I’m a sucker for Ice Types

Team Mystic. I’m not regretting the choice in any capacity. I feel that joining a team has little impact on the full experience of the game, and rather than rivalry, it comes down to convenience. Luckily, in my town there are plenty of assorted gyms. 

Speaking of which, since I was “old” enough to battle, I dived right in almost immediately. And like a pool with shallow water, the landing hurt more than I imagined. 

I got beat. Mercilessly. It could have been the sub-par processor in my phone, or the server’s spotty connection–regardless, Professor Willow did little to prepare me for the feature comparative to a tap war. 

Throughout the week I avoided battles and focused more on catching and releasing, gaining Exp and rocketing towards my end goal. In a couple days I went from a Lvl. 4, to a Lvl. 9 (and a half, if you count those bits).

So far I’ve caught 42, and seen 43. It was 41 until I found the one Pokemon I had been searching for since day one. 

The catches didn’t stop there either, replacing most of my lower level CP Pokemon with stronger, more capable ones. So far my strongest is a Dodrio. Not exactly what I expected to have as a team lead, but…until Gen 3 I can’t have my Metagross. 

That’s when the real hunt begins. 

Week One: Uncharted Waters — July 8, 2016

Week One: Uncharted Waters

Okay, so I admit that at the publishing of this entry that it hasn’t exactly been a full week. Arbitrarily as it seems I still felt compelled to write this before Monday.

Because, you know, reasons. 
Besides that point, my career as a Pokemon Trainer has been satisfying. I’ve grown up with the games all my life, and I’ve played every single title. So I’m not as much an amature as may meet the eye. 

Professor Willow showed me around and taught me what I needed to know for the duration of my time in the World of Pokemon. It was nice to see a new Professor join the ranks of Oak, or even Birch. (If you haven’t noticed by now, they’re all named after trees. Call it tradition.)

Then, I met my starter. I chose Squirtle because Blastoise is a beast. Get Hydropump, and you’ve got a winner for life. But even though it’s considered the first catch, I can’t say it felt like it. 

So what did feel like it, was a Pidgy. Usually that’s one of the first you encounter in the first titles in the series. It wasn’t totally useless either, catching it with a pretty good amount of CP, and since it was “new” it also netted me a chunk of Exp that pushed me into the next level. 

Going outside, I began to feel that the world around me was different. It wasn’t boring ol’ Joplin anymore. It was a land of undiscovered opportunity. Only problem that I encountered was the lack of Pokestops near where my apartment was. 

A few blocks away was a park, which later on I found to have the nearest Pokestop and Gym. But I was nowhere near the proper level to participate. Of course, eventually I began to catch stronger and bigger Pokemon, and my collection had more than just normal types. 

Waking up early in the morning before heading off to work, I found a Kadabra. It took a few tries to get it, and once I did, I found that it’s CP was usually low for what I would expect. 

I’ve seen people with Arcanines over a thousand or so CP. At the moment, I realized that the competition was real, and that at my level, I didn’t have a shot. This fact didn’t shake my resolve however, feeling more motivated to press on and reach greater heights. 

But there was one thing that would make this challenging. See, since I picked Squirtle to someday get my Blastoise, I failed to remember that getting to an area with water was beyond my current reach. (If that didn’t make me feel like I was in the games, lacking the proper HM, I don’t know what could.)

Squirtle hunting would have to wait–or any water Pokemon for that matter. 

Looks like I need to get to Florida pronto. 

The Start of Something Great — July 6, 2016

The Start of Something Great

Finally, it’s here. The world of Pokemon has opened up for everyone to enjoy.
Like most others, I had been waiting for this time for years, ever since it was a concept in people’s minds. For the many months that followed, I was devout, researching and keeping up with news about the game’s development. 

Now that I get to be a part of this historic event in the world of gaming, I thought it would be a neat idea to catalogue all of my travels and catches. And hopefully share stories that will inspire and teach those who want to be the very best…

..That no one ever was.